Why use a Realtor?

A frequent consideration for buyers and sellers is “Do I need a Realtor?” It often appears anyone with a camera and internet access can list a house or find his next home. Here are some important things a Realtor can handle during a real estate transaction:

  • Negotiations – Not everyone is cut out for the negotiation process. Realtors understand the delicate negotiation process and can help balance the needs of both buyer and seller.
  • Contracts – In this litigious world, making sure you understand every clause and definition of a contract is more important than ever. A realtor is trained to understand the unique parts of a real estate contract and will guide you through understanding what you are signing.
  • Convenience – You have a career, a family and are preparing for a move. Let a Realtor handle the phone calls, questions and appointments or narrow down the existing inventory to the best options for you.
  • Price – Realtors are trained to use recent home sales to help you sell or buy at the perfect price for the home and the market.

With over 20 years of experience, I can help you with all of the above and make your next real estate transaction simple and efficient. Contact me now at DinoP@kw.com.